The Very Condemnment Against Israel

Posted on: August 7, 2006

It is now (8/7) the 27th day since Israel’ s unjustified and barbarian offensive agression to Lebanon on June 28, 2006. Killed and wounded victims are -no doubt- uncountable.

The fighting in Gaza, which began June 25 after Hamas-linked militants captured an Israeli soldier in a cross-border raid -Gilad Shalit-, has killed a total of 175 Palestinians, the UN reported (8/3), adding that it was concerned that “with international attention focusing on Lebanon, the tragedy in Gaza is being forgotten.” -says AP.

Lebanese Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri told a press conference that the document draft proposed by French-US resolution was biased.It ignored a seven-point plan presented by Lebanon that calls for an immediate ceasefire, the withdrawal of Israeli forces and the return of all displaced civilians among other things.Lebanon, and all of Lebanon, rejects any resolution that is outside these seven points,” said Berri, who has been negotiating on behalf of Hezbollah.- cited from Gulfnews.

If Malaysia, Indonesia, and Brunei says to deploy 1000, something, and something of peacekeeers as part of a U.N. force for southern Lebanon once a ceasefire is in place, says Bernama, though we appreciate it as proactive and positive action, but it has to be criticized, that we do not want our troops doing the contrary, help Israel finalising the attack itself.
In Jakarta, massive crowd marched peacefully from the city’s main traffic circle to the United Nations office before they headed to the U.S. embassy.

The protests dubbed the “action of one million believers” (aksi sejuta ummat), blocked the capital’s main roads, with demonstrators carrying pamphlets some of which read: “Down with Israel”, “Wiped out from the world’s map” and “U.S. and Israel the real terrorists”, as Islamonline reported.

While Israel fights Hezbollah with tanks and aircraft, its supporters are campaigning on the internet. Whenever Doron Barkat of Jerusalem see internet polls for or against Israel, he send out a mailing list and chat forums to vote for Israel. And it produces 400 votes for Israel in merely 15 minutes, quoted from timesonline.

We can still change the result gauge, in any kind, or shaping the world view of millions, using a little bit different way, by using internet, as a leading tool for news, by doing act as declared by my friend, under the name: Indonesian Bloggers Condemn Israel. We’re all with it.

Allahuman sur ikhwana mujahidin wal musimin wal muslimat fi filistine wa fi libanin wa fi kulli makan wa fi kulli zaman. Aamiin..


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