Loosing but Feeling Good

Posted on: March 2, 2007

I’m loosing it

But I feel good.

I do not know, just feel like free…


8 Responses to "Loosing but Feeling Good"

hhmm… u lost something and u filled in religy…
bukan kehilangan faith kan? 🙂

Sembarangan sampeyan.
Efek dramatisnya jadi gak dapet nih 🙂

jangan bersedih yah… kan kau sendiri yang bilang, bumi Allah masih dan akan slalu luas.

Abis putus ya?? 😀

Didn’t notice the last word, eh..?
FREE means that you still have a dream, and it is not a dead end.
[Tukul sez] : PUAS???? 😀

will you miss it? by the way, what is it anyway? 🙂

dare to guess?

yang sabar yah 🙂

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